There is an air of Designer Impostor about this — as if there is a more shimmering and expensive version with actual twinkling somethings on the strings, which might be more neatly hung. This version is like your neighbor who realized theirs is the only undecorated house on the block, so they ran out to get whatever the hardware store had and tossed it up as fast as possible, and some of the light strings are caught wrong in the trees, but whatever, the bulbs are all lit and they don’t look like a Scrooge. Having yammered about all that: I don’t dislike it at all, and actually think Halsey looks very nice in it. She can carry quite a lot, and elegantly, and she’s doing it here. Which means it was obviously time for some sheer pants.

2018 Latin Grammy Awards - Show, Las Vegas, USA - 15 Nov 2018

Halsey doesn’t just understand the swing of the pendulum. She IS the pendulum.

Ceremony - 2018 Latin Grammy Awards, Las Vegas, USA - 15 Nov 2018

Can someone just… forget to wind the clock, for a day? The swinging is making my eyes cross.

[Photos: Rex/Shutterstock]
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