So, Wills and Kate popped up (over? Down? I’m bad at maps. Up, right?) to South Yorkshire today for a variety of events, like looking at cars (and learning about STEM initiatives) and then visiting Centrepoint, one of their patronages, which aids homeless youth. Whoever is in charge of the KP twitter today is JAZZED UP and has been posting a ton of video, so let’s encourage her and look at them:

This one makes me laugh, because Kate is very competently chopping things and I feel like Wills is back there, all, “what does one DO with this ENORMOUS spoon? OH! This is STIRRING! Neat!!”

They’re making soup, which is the centerpiece of Centrepoint’s Big Broth fundraiser, which I personally would be referring to as our soup-athon, if I worked there, to surely the great irritation of my co-workers. I LOVE the idea of raising money by eating things rather than by exercising! (It’s actually a really nice idea. You have people over for soup, they donate some money to help homeless kids after you all hang out, and then you send it in. It’s very simple and extremely cozy and nice.)

On the clothing tip, Wills is wearing the same suit he wore in the birthday photos they released yesterday (I’m pretty sure), and Kate is wearing her trusty Eponine dress, last seen here. And, yes, I will happily accept all your congratulations for my great restraint in not making a cavalcade of Les Mis jokes every time she wears this line. One day more!

[Photos: John Rainford/WENN, Dutch Press Photo/]