In which our hero and heroine go to the BBC and tell everyone they’re INCREDIBLY hung-over after last night’s mega-bash. I’m sorry, that is an error on my part. They actually went to discuss cyber-bullying and social media and Wills gave a fairly opinionated speech:

Here’s the whole speech. He kinda let them have it (in a positive way; it’s a good speech with a sort of “Dad Is Disappointed in You!!” vibe that works for him now). Good for him for not just standing up there and saying whatever mush-mouthed something something. I feel like, for the last couple of years, Wills has definitely been making actual statements (about climate change, about [vaguely] Brexit) as opposed to just blah blah blahing it, but this feels like the least blah blah he’s ever been. I like the idea that when he is King, he might just be beaming himself into our homes holographically (I assume that’s how it will work) to yell at people to pull themselves together. I mean, not MY home — I assume that, thirty years from now, California will just be a flaming island in the middle of the Pacific where I am forced to spend all my time foraging for nuts or whatever — but people’s homes in general.

OUTFITS: Wills is in costume as Sexy Paddington Bear (so, the usual), and Kate has reworn ANOTHER blast from the past that I liked. (Kate, are you out there? Kate, wear this Erdem dress next. Please. I love it.) This one is Emilia Wickstead, and we last saw it here, on their Australia/New Zealand tour. (She also owns it in pink.) SOMEONE’s been spending time in the archives — although I’ve decided that Kate has an app of all her old outfits and sometimes she just lies in bed and scrolls through it for fun. It’s called MiddletonCloset and everything is organized into Kategories.

[Photos:  Dutch Press Photo/, Michael Wright/]