So, today is Prince Charles’s 70th birthday, and the Queen threw him a giant-ass party at Buckingham Palace, where she announced to all and sundry that she is stepping down from the throne and allowing him to become King, effective immediately. I made part of that sentence up, but I’m sure In Touch will be running it immediately as fact. In actuality, it was a HUGE party that a lot of Other Royals attended — per the Daily Mail I KNOW, whose piece about this managed to note that the party was both “tonight” and “next week” in two consecutive sentences  — and the Queen gave a lovely affectionate toast.  We didn’t really get pics from the inside, and probably won’t ever, but we DID get photos of people driving over, which means that we get to speculate about people’s outfits based on very little info and also admire everyone’s GIANT HONKING EARRINGS. Enjoy!

WAIT! I was JUST about to publish this post when this pic came over Twitter (it’s also now in the article from the Telegraph that I linked above):

Also, this is a better look at Kate’s GIANT ASS EARRINGS, which I’ve seen before but want to see every day forever:


[Photos:  PA Images/, Paul Grover/REX/Shutterstock, PA Images/]