Doesn’t this look like the sort of dress you’d see on a mannequin at some kind of fashion history-related museum installation? It’s over the top and mod and a little bit twee (but not too twee; the color has enough acid to cut the sweetness) and extremely memorable indeed. (I, in fact, just accidentally typed that it’s “rememorable,” which is when you’re SO memorable, you’ll be remembered twice.)

'Creed II' film premiere, Arrivals, New York, USA - 14 Nov 2018

It’s also just fun. (And it’s not vintage, it’s custom Prada.)

She wore this on Kimmel, and I was writing, “this gives me some Princess Tiana vibes,” and then I actually read the caption from the designer, and he said the same thing. I feel so smug!

I admit, it also makes me laugh that he emoji’ed a salad. I LONG for more designers to be like, “honestly, I was kinda inspired by my lunch?”

[Photos: Amy Sussman/REX/Shutterstock]