It is Remembrance Sunday in the UK, and Veterans Day in the United States; if you are a veteran, thank you for your service. (Which I think is probably the more appropriate comment to make than the “Happy Veterans Day!” I chirped to my veteran Dad on the phone this morning, although he did not care.) It’s also, as you’ve surely seen on the news, the 100th anniversary of the armistice marking the end of World War I;  most world leaders were in France, although Teresa May stayed in London to mark the centenary with the royals (Cabinet Office minister David Lidington was the British representative in France). That link goes to a piece in The Guardian about ceremonies around the world; it’s very interesting. As I’ve noted here many times before, the United States doesn’t really do much with World War I — because, I suppose, we weren’t actively involved it that long and the shadow of World War II is so dark and more recent.  I wish America would do more to teach this part of history.  The Guardian did a very expansive piece about WWI’s legacy that I recommend; it’s long, and naturally focused on the UK, but it’s fascinating. The New York Times today also ran a good piece wherein their readers “share stories and memories of their relatives who had a role in World War I.” I also recommend this piece in The New Yorker, called “The Second Man in the Front Row: A Forgotten Story of the First World War: Reading my grandfather’s letters on the centenary of the Armistice.”  And this is also a great article in Maclean’s about how a church in Toronto remembered its World War I dead. (I’ve got oodles for your reading needs this Sunday!)

We also have some good pieces from social media to share:

I saw this earlier this week — not in person, I am in Los Angeles, where everything is on fire — and it is stunning:

The Tower knows what it’s doing as far as art installations go, my goodness.

Also, I couldn’t get a great shot of Princess Anne, and I never want to pay short shift:

Also, obviously, this is a fashion website and we want to talk about what people wore! The royals all came out, as is their wont, to this morning’s traditional Remembrance Day service, where they stand somberly on a balcony and we can only see a bit of their coats; later, they all changed clothes and attended a service at Westminster Abbey. Kate’s coats were (for me) uniformly delightful, and I continue to be amused by her current obsession with headbands — did she binge-watch Gossip Girl during her maternity leave? Meghan looks excellent too, I think; her navy suit at Wabbey is particularly good to my mind. Let’s look at them, and everyone else — including the princes in their traditional Serious But Sexy Giant Coats, and Camilla in her traditional Serious But Sexy???? Giant Hat.

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