So. A LOT has happened since last we met. Just look at this list:

I think everyone probably needs a nap, including me. ALTHOUGH! I almost forgot. The e-book of THE ROYAL WE is currently a mere $1.99 most places, but only through Sunday, so get on that. (That link is to Amazon, as they are the originators of the sale, but Nook etc should also be price-matching.) We are ALSO going to be on an E! special, talking about Meghan, Kate and Diana in a couple of weeks, so that is exciting — I’ll remind you when we get there!

But the internet has much else for you to read. Other items of interest include:

This was SO GOOD, at Vanity Fair, which is firing on all cylinders at the moment; no one does better royals stuff, to my mind:  Race and the Royals: An Outsider’s View Inside Kensington Palace. 

ALSO from this month’s Vanity Fair: Rosé, Instagram, and Jet-Setting: Inside Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Whirlwind Courtship

ALSO ALSO at Vanity Fair: Meghan Markle Is Going Royal—Can Her Friends Come, Too?

This was extremely interesting, at Jezebel: Meghan Markle Aside, the Royals Have Set Fashion Trends for Centuries

Related, at The New York Times: Meghan Markle: The Biggest Influencer of All?

Harper’s Bazaar reports that Meghan will be using Amal Clooney’s hairdresser for the wedding, and also that George and Amal are invited?!?! WILL I RUN INTO OUR WAYWARD INTERN IN THE STREETS OF WINDSOR?!

At The Cut, surprise surprise, Wills is going to be Harry’s best man, officially. DUH.

At Entertainment Tonight: Meghan Markle’s Biggest Film and TV Roles, From ‘Suits’ to ‘90210’ and Hallmark Movies

The new official portraits of the Dutch royal family are VERY DRAMATIC and kind of crack me up? They look like stills from a soap opera. [Hello!]

Harper’s Bazaar has an excellent piece about the new baby’s introduction to the world from Omid Scobie, one of the best royals reporters.

This is AMAZING and I cannot believe I didn’t realize this myself, given that it’s one of my favorite movies: Kate Accidentally Wore a Dress from Rosemary’s Baby for Prince Louis’s Debut. (In my defense, Rosemary’s version is full length.)  Girl, if Prince William trades his tie with some dude who later goes blind, pack up those babies and RUN!

Tatler is keeping track of a VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: Everything we know so far about Feud: Charles and Diana.

I also really enjoyed this thoughtful and interesting Vanity Fair piece on the Viscountess of Weymouth. She is gorgeous – I follow her on Instagram — and the inside of their home, Longleat House, is AMAZING. (It has a safari park. Literally. Not inside.) When her father-in-law (who is a real piece of work) dies, she will be the first black Marchioness.

I enjoyed this ITV piece about Wills being Harry’s best man. They’re so SASSY with each other:

And, on social media:

Here’s a photo of a horse!

This was a little surprising!

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