I…really, really love this dress as styled thusly. (And when I saw her this morning wearing the blazer over her arms like a normal person, I thought, “just like an actor, Meghan knows how to take a note!” That is a compliment.) It is by the often-wacky Self Portrait, and, indeed, it is wackier under the blazer — although not FULL wacky, or rather, not at the level of profound wacky that Self Portrait sometimes achieves. Indeed, I still really like it, but the addition of the blazer definitely makes it more Business Day Dress and less Garden Party Polo, which I am beginning to think is Meghan’s favorite genre of Day Dress (not wholly unreasonably, honestly).  Speaking of the blazer, it’s Alexander McQueen and YES it is the same one she wore to great effect in her Lady Cocktail Suit outfit. “That blazer seems like it was a really good investment,” I just found myself thinking, as I wandered over to Net-a-Porter to see how much it cost. The answer: approximately two grand, so investment is definitely the correct term.

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