Y’all. We are having a VERY busy day, royally-speaking, and in fact the last THREE days have been very swamped! As a refresher, in case you stepped away from all your screens over the last 72 hours:

  1. Kate had the baby this morning.
  2. Wills brought the kids to meet said baby.
  3. Wills and Kate debuted the baby for us all and went home!
  4. There was a big concert for the Queen’s birthday on Saturday, and Meghan wore a cape-dress.
  5. Meghan also wore a GREAT day-dress earlier on Saturday morning.

As for today: I am not sure when this event happened in terms of Baby Arrival, but I believe it was after the new prince made his appearance, though they obviously haven’t met him yet. (I assume Wills, as he did with the other two noodles, texted Harry pics.) J’ADORE Meghan’s dress — it’s by Hugo Boss, though per our friends at Meghan’s Mirror, it’s not for sale yet — but I’m going to need to decide that the beige shoes are a shout-out to her sister-in-law upon this day, and not the sign of a footwear trend to come in her life.

People has a good piece about Stephen Lawrence, the man for whom this event is a memorial. They write:

[This is] a memorial service for Stephen Lawrence, a black British man who was killed in a racially charged [stabbing] 25 years ago at the age of 18. The headline-making case drew scrutiny on the police and led to new laws in the U.K. But a conviction still took almost 20 years. Since his death, many in the U.K. have honored Lawrence’s legacy. In 2013, a concert was held in his memory and a charitable trust has been established in his name.

It’s quite a lengthy article, but well-worth your time.

[Photos: Beretta/Sims/REX/Shutterstock, REX/Shutterstock]