VERY early on the morning of the 25th — so early, in fact, that I am not anywhere near my bedtime as I type this on the 24th  in Los Angeles — Harry and Meghan attended the dawn services marking the Anzac Day in London. For my fellow Americans who may not know this (I didn’t really learn about it until Wills and Kate took their tour of Australia and New Zealand and, parenthetically, George is so squashably wee in this post), Anzac Day commemorates, per our friends and helpmates at Wikipedia, “all Australians and New Zealanders ‘who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations’ and ‘the contribution and suffering of all those who have served.’ Observed on 25 April each year, Anzac Day was originally devised to honour the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought at Gallipoli against the Ottoman Empire during World War I. ” There doesn’t need to be an American analogue, of course, but to my mind, it feels similar to our Memorial Day, but treated with — as far as I can tell? — somewhat more general seriousness/fewer sales on mattresses and cars? (Although it does traditionally come with baked goods.)

Anyway, Harry took part in this particular dawn service, and Meghan came along as well. I think they both look quite appropriate; nary a pair of, say, leather shorts between them:

Anzac Dawn Service, London, UK - 25 Apr 2018

They’re also going to be attending an ANZAC event later today at Westminster Abbey and I think William will also be there. Kate’s not coming; I can’t imagine what else she has on her plate or why she might want to just lie down!!! (I suspect we may also get a name on Wednesday. For the baby. I know everyone else’s name.)

In terms of outfits, I don’t have any credits for Meghan’s outfits yet, but I’ll update this post when we get them; I assume everyone who’d send out the email blasts is very likely snoozing right now, or at the very least not quite at their desks yet. (Update! The coat is Smythe.) I quite like her hat:

Anzac Dawn Service, London, UK - 25 Apr 2018

Harry, on the other hand, is wearing one of those suits that he owns under his usual overcoat. I have to say: Even if you’re honored to attend an event, take it seriously, and are very interested in it (and I assume she is all of the above), a 5 a.m. start time adds an extra level of difficulty to…well, most things. Because your heart is willing, but your body has to still be all, “HELLO. THIS IS VERY EARLY.”

We do of course have video:


[Photos: Beretta/Sims/REX/Shutterstock, REX/Shutterstock]