And then everyone packed up and went home.

For your (potential) edification, and (definitely) mine: Today’s events (other than them leaving, of course) were in honor of ANZAC Day. Obviously, we don’t have that in the US, as the internet tells me that ANZAC stands for “Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.”  From my reading, it seems this holiday is (roughly) the equivalent of Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day here in the United States, albeit if that were a holiday we shared with another country. I know Wikipedia is not an unimpeachable source (although of course it’s where I learn all about the escandelos of random tertiary nobles and I will not believe that a source which informed me about a princess who wrote a book about talking to trees could be wrong), but the entry about the occasion is extremely interesting. I feel like this tour has been very educational for me. It has also made me want to visit New Zealand and Australia, so well played, tourist boards! Anyway, because it’s a rather serious occasion, and they’re at serious events, we’ve got appropriately serious outfits. Kate wore a Temperley coat to a dawn service, then changed to a dress that Hello! swears is Emilia Wickstead for the rest of the day — UPDATE! Hello! was wrong. It’s Michael Kors. He must be a shadow of his tan self with glee —  with a hat by Australian milliner Jonathan Howard (hat tip — no pun intended — to British Royals for the credit on the hat). (PS: We’ve got a round-up of Kate’s tour wardrobe coming your way on Saturday. We’re easing back into normalcy. You can’t just go cold turkey.) (I love parenthesis and the rule of threes made me stick this set in here.)

On to some George! He is also serious, but I think that’s just his squashy little face.

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