WHAT A WEEK. I’m exhausted. Between, you know, the world, and all the royals stuff we had on deck this past week, I’m about ready for a cocktail. While someone makes you one, please enjoy:

At Lainey, apparently there is some ROMANTICAL DRAMA happening with Miranda Lambert. This is one of those stories that’s been percolating for a bit, but I just noticed it, so my main reaction was, “wait WHAT’S happening?” like, mid-gossip stream.

Speaking of a real “wait, WHAT’S happening?!?” story: CNN has an explainer about this INSANE Allison Mack Sex Trafficking story. You know it’s been a really really weird year when a celebrity sex trafficking ring isn’t the biggest news story in the world.

Speaking of big news stories, I’m sure you saw that they finally caught the Golden State Killer, the topic of Michelle McNamara’s I’ll Be Gone In the Dark (for which I am still on the library waiting list!). The way they finally tracked him down is fascinating. [Los Angeles Times]

I have spent a LOT of time reading about Gwyneth Paltrow’s wedding and the surrounding events lately, you guys. [Lainey]

Roxane Gay wrote an amazing essay about weight-loss surgery at Medium. She is such a great writer.

At Celebitchy: Let’s dream-cast the film about the two NYT reporters who broke the Weinstein story

Important work at Nerdist: THE 25 BEST SPACE CAPES IN FILM AND TV HISTORY. (I cut and pasted that headline and you know what? I’m keeping the caps lock. It feels right.)

At Revelist: We tried jeans by Fashion Nova, the brand celebs are paid to wear on Instagram. (I am honestly obsessed with any article about people ordering random clothes off the internet.)

Look at all these cute pink things! [Girls of a Certain Age]

Speaking of interesting colors, this is fascinating at Bloomberg: The Quest for the Next Billion Dollar Color.


Speaking of silly shoes, at Collectors Weekly:Make It Work: Street Style for the Sensitive German Renaissance Man

At the Mary Sue:  Janelle Monáe Causes Huge Spike in Searches For ‘Pansexual.’