Hello friends, and happy 2023! I hope you had an absolutely delightful end of the year and that the new year brings you good health and only glad tidings. I also hope you had a few relaxing days away from your computer — and if so, let me catch you up on some of the stuff we ran this week that you might have missed!

Important, first off: Our Favorite Red Carpet Looks of 2022

ALSO important, obviously, given our mandate here at GFY: The Worst Looks of 2022

This will probably delight you: Three Cheers for Saniyya Sidney

And I hope this amuses: Pants Madness Struck in 2022

Wanna start 2023 with some balloon boobs? 2022: The Year in Loewe

This is ideal for those of you who want to be on trend AND maybe pull off a heist: In 2022, Gloves Were Deployed With Gowns All Over Town

FYI: You Know What Other Color Had Surprise Staying Power in 2022? Yellow.

FYI part deux: Pink Only Grew More Powerful in 2022

FYI part three, return of FYI: Hooded Gowns Were On the Upswing in 2022

I’m not sure if you’re aware but Michelle Yeoh Had a Very Chic 2022

This feels like a really pertinent question: In 2022, What Did Brown Do For You?

This was thrilling: Taylor Russell Burst Onto the Scene in 2022 in Dramatic Form

In case you were wondering: Florence Pugh Had a Very Valentino 2022

Do you love data? Do you like shopping? Are you nosy? Fug Nation Loved These Ten Items in 2022!

This probably isn’t a newsflash but it IS fun: You Know, Rita Ora’s 2022 Was… Quite Something

Get ready for some of the most thrilling looks of the year: The Year in Jodie Turner-Smith: Big, Bold, and Beautiful

Honestly? Also thrilling, albeit in perhaps a different way: Like It Or Not, 2022 Was The Year of Julia Fox

Don’t forget to make your picks: The Annual Vogue-Predict-the-Cover

We’re happy to report that 2022 Was A Very Good Year For Gabrielle Union

And, finally, The Year in Christopher John Rogers Was Delightfully Colorful.


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