As I type this, I’m kicking myself in advance, because I KNOW there are some terrible jeans or otherwise insane pants that I’ve forgotten and hopefully you can remind us all. It felt like we typed “Pants Madness” a whole lot in 2022, but then I couldn’t find as many as it felt like there should have been. (My resolution every January 1 is to make notes as the year goes on, and by every March 1, I’ve stopped.) But as we flipped through the year’s archives for our Best and Worst, I did find just enough that I decided to do a whole separate tribute to Pants Madness, which then expanded to “related madness that isn’t in our Worst of 2022 post because it wasn’t on a red carpet.” Oh, and as an important note, there’s no Julia Fox in here because we already covered all that last week. But she’s definitely present in spirit. And the last outfit herein? Well. That one might have my vote for the single dumbest, worst garment of 2022. See if you can guess before you get there, or if you even remembered it at all.

[Photos: Diggzy, Gregory Pace, Jose Perez, Erik Pendzich, Media Punch, Broadimage/Shutterstock, NINA PROMMER/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock, Emma McIntyre, Amanda Edwards/Getty Images, Pierre Suu, Gotham/GC Images, Pablo Cuadra, Amy Sussman/WireImage]