Julia Fox began the year stepping out with Ye, and ended it with her own carefully cultivated notoriety. Their pairing was a splashy and random re-launch for him after the split from Kim, and for her after… I don’t even entirely know. She did Uncut Gems, in which she’s highly regarded, and after that all I know about is the ill-fated fling with the erstwhile Mr. West — who is not in this slideshow; I only had a couple pictures of them together, but it wasn’t worth giving that antisemitic pig a second more of attention. I decided instead to focus on Julia as she developed herself on her own: a relentless pavement-pounder who deployed an array of the tiniest tops and lowest-rise pants she could possibly craft from the comfort of her own lair. She is the undisputed Queen of the Pap Walk for 2022. And while I know she makes some people REALLY crazy, and I get that, I believe she is in on the joke she is writing, and as the year progressed I just gave in and laughed with her.

[Photos: Shutterstock, Getty, Rachpoot/GC Images]