Happy August!

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We’re also heading into the last days of the Nordstrom sale, so if you’re still in the market for a good deal…

We had a great chat here about what everyone is reading right now!

We also had a super diverting chat about HOBBIES. Y’all are accomplished!

Allow me to now make a huge tonal shift. Figure skater Ashley Wagner was sexually assaulted by John Coughlin, the skater who died by suicide last year after facing other charges of sexual assault. She is very brave to speak about this publicly, and I hope it helps other people.

This story is….extremely something else, at Slate: The Dark History Behind the Year’s Bestselling Debut Novel

I thought this piece at Lainey was VERY INTERESTING, and also it wasn’t anything I knew anything about until I read it: Celine Dion: is Pepe a problem?  This is JUICY.

This is good to know, at Vogue! Target Is Bringing Back 20 Years of Collaborations From Rodarte, Proenza Schouler, Missoni, and More

This was a good, and convincing, read at New York:  Peyton Manning’s Undeserved Reputation Is His Greatest Achievement

So interesting, at the New York Times: The Long and Surprising History of Roller Derby

Also at Lainey, truly, this is the best: Idris Elba tries to explain Cats. Spoiler: HE CANNOT.

Please go see this, New Yorkers!!!! Cellino and Barnes breakup turned into off-Broadway play.. [NY Post]

This was such a good read, at The Ringer: How “Summer Girls” Explains a Bunch of Hits—and the Music of 1999

At Pajiba, EVERYTHING about this headline is A RIDE: Want To See Taika Waititi Being Sexy? Well, You’re Going To Have To Sit Through a Jeremy Renner Music Video. Yes, but then no but then what but then…Jeremy Renner has a music video?!?!

This is excellent at NBC News, from Margaret Willison: ‘The Bachelorette’ finale winner was feminism — but it’s a tainted victory

At Vulture: Hal Prince’s 10 Greatest Broadway Musicals, Ranked. (Prince died this week, at 91.) I mildly disagree with these rankings!

At Celebitchy, romantic GOSSIP: Lady Gaga has a new boyfriend, and it’s not Bradley Cooper

At Atlas Obscura: These Hidden Treasures Hold Clues About Jewish Life in Medieval France. They were hidden in a wall for 500 years!