Today is the first day that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open to non-cardholders, even though I know it feels like it’s been happening for ages, because a lot of bloggers start covering it when the cardholder access starts. (I don’t have a Nordstrom card myself and I’m not going to suggest anyone get a credit card just to have access to a sale.) I feel like a lot of the coverage that I’ve seen about the sale this week has been from bloggers saying they’re burned out on the sale/justifying to their followers why they’re covering the sale, and it’s been interesting from an anthropological standpoint: Have we reached a saturation point with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? (I actually think that happened last year and this is just everyone sort of re-calibrating. I mean, it’s a good sale — Nordstorm is a really good store, and they’re GENIUSES to think to put fall stuff on sale price before regular price, give the inventor of this sale a raise — but it is also just a sale, y’all. It’s GREAT for stocking up on stuff you’re going to get anyway, or need for fall  — like, these rainboots are cool! Or, these glossy Hunters NEVER go on sale, so if you want the packable Hunter rain boots, go for it! Or if you’ve been wanting a Longchamp Le Pilage bag, this is the time! Also the leather Longchamp, which is gorgeous! — but let’s have some perspective.

ANYWAY, if you’re not burned out, there are some verrrrrry cute shoes and bags marked down that you might like. I don’t know! I don’t know your life! Personally, I was like, “I might be burned out,” and then I saw all the sale coats and started coat-shopping, even though it’s VERY WARM here. So I guess I’m not!

Also, before we get into the shoes/bags situation, there are a few beauty items you might need because you already use them:

1. If you use Paula’s Choice’s 2% BHA, it’s marked down.

2. If Kiehl’s Creme de Corps is your body lotion of choice, it’s way marked down.

3. If you use SuperGoop’s50 SPF mist — I do! — they’ve got a three pack in the sale.

4. And, finally, I think I’m going to get this one for myself. It’s the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day shampoo, conditioner, and dry shampoo — the jumbo bottles.

Now to thy footwear and bag needs! I actually didn’t pick a ton of stuff because I really only wanted to choose items I thought were either a good deal or worth it at full price anyway. But there are some CUTE TOTES here, and I also really love this first bag.

PS: This sale does a weird thing where sometimes it restocks stuff that is originally sold out, so just…FYI.

FYI: GFY uses affiliate links where available, which means we get a tiny bonus if you get yourself something new. This post was NOT sponsored by Nordstrom — I wish.  I can assure you that all items were personally chosen by me while I sat around drinking Diet Coke and watching Love Island.