This first dress is VERY whimsical and cute — it’s by a brand called LHD, which clearly LOVES a pattern — and let me just state for the record that I resent that Margot Robbie and her somehow-still-chic roots are out kicking around in Italy while I, and my NOT at all chic roots, am trapped in my apartment. I mean, not LITERALLY trapped — the door works — but you feel me. I’m not drinking a spritz in Italy and I assume you aren’t either and if you are – if you are reading this post in Italy with a spritz — CONGRATS. Anyway, she looks very charming.

This is also very easy breezy beautiful on her, and super spritz-ready:

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood premiere in Rome, Italy

Enjoy it out there, Margot! LIVE IT UP.

[Photos: Camilla Morandi/Shutterstock, KIKA/]