Despite this clickbait headline, people ditch the Oscars luncheon on occasion and it doesn’t always necessarily have to do with having a VERY weird series of events around their nominations culminating in an investigation, although that’s a real good way to take the bloom of the rose of a career highlight like an Oscar nomination. A person would understand if Andrea might just wanna lay low in the wake of all of that, but at the same time — she did get nominated, the investigation cleared her, I don’t think anyone thinks that Andrea herself did anything wrong, and it sort of keeps the story in the news if you don’t come to this event. As is witnessed by my writing this! Just show up and act normal!

On the other hand, I assume Ana de Armas skipped because she was too distraught after seeing ex-love Ben Affleck and his new bride all over the Super Bowl yesterday, and that too is relatable.

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