Sadly, the full cast of the rebooted or revived or resuscitated or reanimated or WHATEVER Beverly Hills, 90210, did not attend this event. Specifically, Andrea Zuckerman and the Minnesota Twins — also a super band name — skipped it. (Brian Austin Green skipped it too, but I didn’t know how to work him into the band. Also nobody wants the BAG anywhere near a band after his 90210 years, right?) And thus we were cruelly denied the reunion of Brandon Walsh and Emily Valentine. It had better happen on-screen. There were shots of her with them during the shoot, so one can only dream. Granted, it’s a show in which the actors play “heightened” versions of themselves as they get a reboot together, so we probably won’t see Emily, say, burn down Donna Martin’s newest store, but hopefully Heightened Christine at least gets to pitch a plotline involving an egg.

Also: The show premieres on Wednesday. If it’s at all possible to get some screen grabs, I’ll try to cover it, but no promises. At the VERY LEAST, we’ll do an open thread.

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