MANY royals are on vacation right now — lounging in Capri, drinking mai tais, having people fan them with a series of portable mini-fans, whatever it is that the mega-rich do at the end of summer. But we shall make do with what we’ve got!

If you missed it, Duchess Meghan’s guest-edited September issue of Vogue came out this week.

Next week, Wills and Kate are re-appearing for a Regatta Gala (er, a charity boat race), so look alive.


Via Vanity Fair, Meghan has partnered with her friend Mischa Nonoo and the department stores Marks & Spencer, Jigsaw, and John Lewis o produce a capsule collection of clothing that will be benefit SmartWorks, the charity of which she is a patron. This feels like a very concrete way to harness The Meghan Effect for good; I look forward to seeing the clothing.

At From Berkshire to Buckingham,  a look at the villa in Mustique where the Cambridges/Middletons allegedly vacationed at the end of July (they’re back now). Obviously, I want to go to there, it looks AMAZING.

This is really interesting, at Jezebel: Dubai’s Princess Haya Applied For a Protective Order Designed For Women in Forced Marriages

I was also very interested by The Court Jeweller’s look at The Windsor Anniversary Heart Brooch.

And, from our friends at Town & Country, complete coverage of the wedding of Princess Stephanie’s son, which happened over the weekend.

Lots of pieces from Meghan’s September Vogue have been coming out over the last few days. Harry’s interview with Jane Goodall is worth your time.

Harry also may have attended Camp Google to talk about climate a bunch of people who showed up on private jets and mega yachts, but do what you can do, y’all. We’re all going to die in a fiery thunderstorm unless rich people pour money into it not happening so….????? But maybe do it remotely next time. I know that’s not as much fun. (I know someone who works for JPL and talking to someone who sees climate change data on a regular basis is, uh, very extremely terrifying!) (LATE UPDATE: I think Wills and Kate were also there.) [Socialite Life]

On the socials — with a caveat that there is something weird going on with Instagram embeds right now (it’s not just me, I’ve seen this on Cosmo and a bunch of other websites), so you might not always be able to see these?

This is great:

Here’s your newest detective on Midsomer Murders:

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