This question always CONFOUNDS ME when asked. What are my hobbies? Uh, I like to watch TV? I read a lot of books? I pay extremely close attention to the Dodgers? I like to shop for art I don’t buy on Chairish? It feels like I don’t do anything. What DO I do as a hobby? What does anyone do as a hobby?

I jest, although that is a standard-issue question that regularly causes my mind to go totally blank. In truth, I guess my real hobbies are reading, watching a lot of reality TV shows, baseball spectating, online shopping (a noble pursuit), and gardening. But I am always interested in what other people do in their spare time, so please share. Do you bake things? Are you building model ships? (I hope so!) Are you out collecting tea pots? Do you reenact Civil War battles? Are you needlepointing? Do you brew your own beer? Are you doing lots of hiking? Are you watching every episode of Midsomer Murders? (Whoops, that one is also me.) Please share what you do in your own spare time! GIVE ME SOME IDEAS.