Even with a pandemic, we managed a pretty jam-packed year at GFY, and we are endlessly grateful that you stuck with us through it all. We slung whatever we could think of at you, to distract from armageddon, including in fact a whole post about the premiere of Armageddon. That, along with the below, ranked among your most-viewed of the year — but if you have a favorite that wasn’t listed here, please do post it in the comments, and we’ll try to pop in and add the link.

As for the above, well, those are some of the worst and best bits and pieces from non-awards shows. At the bottom of this post, I put in links to the various awards show coverages we did, most of which have robust Best and Worst slideshows of their own. Beyond that:

  1. We looked back at a couple AMAZING MUSIC VIDEOS which you should watch IMMEDIATELY, and they are: “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” “Does He Love You,” and “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now,” by Celine AND THEN by Meat Loaf. Oh, and “Careless Whisper.”
  2. Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas sucked up a lot of our collective oxygen this year, from the beginning of their pandemic sashays to the one where people got kind of mad at us for side-eyeing their behavior and well beyond (that link takes you to Ana’s archive, which covers in reverse chronological order all the most recent times they hung out publicly).
  3. We remembered Princess Diana’s big fashion moment at Cannes.
  4. Of all the premieres we revisited, you clicked on the Cruel Intentions one the most.
  5. After that, surprisingly, it was the Twister premiere.
  6. We reminisced about the trap of ultra-ultra-low-rise pants.
  7. RED ALERT. Kim Kardashian Karried Bag Again.
  8. The Royal Wedding Rewinds have been a lot of fun, but we really REALLY enjoyed the rock royalty unions of Duran Duran and the sheer spectacle of Queen Celine of Canada’s ceremonies with Rene Angelil.
  9. Once upon a time, Brad and Jen AND Angelina had to go to Cannes right in the middle of all the rumors about Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Oof.
  10. Iceberg ahead: It’s the Titanic premiere.

Believe it or not, we DID have major big awards shows. Before Covid, we had the Golden Globes, the Critics’ Choice, the SAGs, the Grammys, the BAFTAs, the Independent Spirits, a truly bananas Paltrow outfit at the WGAs, the NAACP Awards, and the Oscars.

Afterward, we got the Emmys, the VMAs, the BET Awards, Billboard Music Awards, the American Music Awards, the CMAs, the Soul Train Awards, with varying degrees of pageantry (and advisability).