The celebrity trend of daring to re-wear items, in the name of sustainability, took a noxious turn last week when Kim Kardashian exhumed Bag from its Mephistophelian hole. You remember Bag: It’s not Brian Austin Green, but rather a Birkin that Kanye had kustom-painted by the artist George Condo (to K him would be an affront to the real Kondo: Marie). After making its debut on the scene, sucking at least four souls into the underworld, and snacking on a gaggle of human spleens, it kompeted in Fug Madness 2014, soundly defeating Hat (by Pharrell) before falling to Lady Gaga in a Round 1 matchup for the ages.

Now, it is back. It is the one face I hoped we’d never see again; the one accessory that should never be recycled. Voldemort wants one? No. Voldemort wants to be one. Leave this future Horcrux in the crypt, Kimothy.

Also: more latex.

A note: This photo was from March 3, so she’s sporting the same hair we side-eyed at.. I think it was the Yeezy runway show? I didn’t hit it again here because we’d already covered it and it was a style she’d left in from a day or two before, but… I could have and maybe should have. Her judgment is still terrible on that front.


[Photos: Getty]