So, look, I am not trying to shame anyone for going outside, in general. I’ve gone outside. I ran in my neighborhood and crossed the street anytime I saw people on the same side of the sidewalk; we had to get groceries; we took the kids on a socially distanced bike ride. We shot hoops. I jumped rope in my yard. Outside is a great place. And Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck are perfectly at liberty to a) be banging, and b) go walk the dog during this time of national whatever. But… Ben, and Ana, I am concerned you are being dumb. This doesn’t feel as much like two people randomly going about their lives as it does two people selling something while they still can.

These photos were taken over the most recent weekend, before California handed down some of its more restrictive edicts about where we can go and what’s open — I think; we’ve been isolating for longer than that, and it all runs together after a while when you’re already doing what the new rules say — and it’s worth noting that, for all I know, Ben and Ana are otherwise staying inside as fervently as I am. I don’t know their lives. But the vibe of some of the photos is very time deaf. And then Monday we had smooching and dipping in the street and TOTAL LACK OF SOCIAL DISTANCING FROM ANOTHER DOG WALKER. Add to that an earlier trip full of beach walks and a sultry photo of her on which he commented demanding a photo credit, and the conclusion is that one or both of them is hell-bent on making sure that, before quarantine truly takes hold, we all know with whom they are spending it. It’s like Kim and Taylor digging up this dumb-as-hell feud right now, OF ALL TIMES. Ben and Ana seem to be using the same playbook. Can’t they just walk the dog real fast and then bait their fans with Instagram stories shot inside their shelter?

I have questions. Is he going to wait 14 days now before seeing his kids, since he’s been within breathing distance of other pedestrians? Is the paparazzo whom they presumably called for Monday’s photos considered an “essential” business? Ana, did you not know about the back tattoo, because shouldn’t that have been a dealbreaker? And are you both about to get an irate call from your PR reps asking you to back off treating the streets like your own movie set for just a second?

[Photos: Shutterstock]