First, this photo is from about 2 weeks ago, and we simply missed it (hmm, wonder why). Second, I am pretty sure that a cater waiter is locked in a closet somewhere in one of Emily’s spandex singlets, because those pants and shoes do not look like things she would own. Now, of course, it’s possible Emily has entered the phase of her life where she has to walk around in orthopedic sneakers to get arch support. Insoles come for us all. But seriously, whose… pants are these? Her husband’s, maybe? They don’t fit at all. And third, the blazer. She has one very like it, but they are not one and the same (the pockets tell the tale), and it looks like the plastic tag loop is still in the button hole, as if she ripped the paper off but forgot to get it.


Emily Ratajkowski out and about, New York, USA - 11 Mar 2020

This is dumb, but looking at this photo gives me anxiety. She’s holding her phone with her leash hand. What if the doggo picks up its pace and tugs on the leash and she fumbles it? Why is she crossing the street while staring into her phone? If she’s trying the old “Hey Paparazzi, You Photograph Me, I Photograph You” trick? Couldn’t that wait for the curb? I suppose this was 11 whole days ago. In terms of risk-taking, that already feels like a whole other world.

[Photos: Shutterstock]