I randomly typed “Cannes Film Festival 2004″ into my photo service’s page, and up came an assortment of photos from across the entire two weeks that included Brad and Jen — he had Troy back then — and, a page later, Angelina Jolie promoting Shark Tale. The irony being that, as Brad celebrated a movie about a beautiful woman who tore up the world, he and Angie were in the middle of rumors that their Mr. and Mrs. Smith chemistry was about to tear up his marriage. So at this Cannes, Brad and Jen were dispatched together to help dispel those while production was shut down so he could shoot Ocean’s 12, and then Angie rolled in looking like Maximum Cool-Girl Badass and it did NOT help keep things out of the press. I hope their paths did not cross on La Croisette.

Anyway, I grabbed a couple other random snaps from this one as well, like Cameron Diaz and Uma and… Alanis? Sure, dontcha think?

[Photos: Shutterstock, Getty]