The Great is a Hulu series that appears to take a weirdly whimsical The Favourite-style approach to the rise of Catherine (up to and including a role for Nicholas Hoult). And oh, the premiere and press junket looks we’d have gotten from the fashionista at its heart. Elle Fanning has wild taste in clothes, 25 percent of which I LOVE, and the other 75 percent of which make me cock my head and squint a little and suck on my lower lip. Her stylist, mourning the loss of this collaboration, played Fantasy Premiere with a homemade Elle paper doll:

I assume that is a cutout of an existing Gucci and not one they were actively considering. I am trying to imagine what we would have said. Probably that it’s EXTREMELY on-the-nose, and that we don’t envy anyone having to promote a Catherine the Great project after Helen Mirren just did it in jewels befitting a pharaoh’s tomb after being CARRIED INTO THE PREMIERE. Then I’d probably have trotted out a Maeve/Westworld season 1 joke before concluding that I hate the black lace. Sigh. Oh, the missed opportunities to be a crank. But sincerely, I appreciate seeing the stylists of Hollywood get playful as they try to imagine the jobs they would have don — or in some cases, still trying to do what fractions of their jobs remain, like when Elle Fanning had to do some morning shows via videoconference and she essentially wore nightgowns:

Those two outfits are from a company called Sleeper that calls itself the “world’s first walking sleepwear.” One: I would argue that I walk perfectly competently in my Old Navy flannels. Two: My t-shirts and old boxers, in which I can also move comfortably, cost SIGNIFICANTLY less money than the $460 or $260, respectively, that these two dresses cost. Three: If my sleepwear’s gonna walk, it had better not wrinkle this easily.

Four: KEEP IT COMING, HOLLYWOOD. Socially distant fashion moments are what we all need.