A lot MORE celebs were in Manhattan than I have here — for example, I saw pictures of Doja Cat in a miniskirt and tube top that were, in fact, made of Saran Wrap, and another one of her in a bedsheet, and this of her in a plastic bag. They’re all Vetements, and she’s walking around with their designer and it sure LOOKS like they are dating? All the nudity is, conveniently, promoting his terrible clothing line… I’m trying not to draw mental parallels between this and what Ye’s wife has been wearing, because she seems miserable and as if she is not choosing her own adventure, and Doja seems a lot happier, so… hopefully she is and this guy is not some kind of weirdo Svengali? Anyway, this is the small sampling we got from the weekend leading up to the First Monday in May, and yes, it includes Zendaya.

[Photos: Gotham/GC Images, Nina Westervelt/WWD via Getty Images, MEGA/GC Images, Nina Westervelt/WWD via Getty Images]