First of all, I want to share with you the delightful line from the Duran Duran Wikipedia page: “The group was formed by keyboardist Nick Rhodes and bassist John Taylor, with the later addition of drummer Roger Taylor, and after numerous personnel changes, guitarist Andy Taylor (none of the Taylors are related) and lead singer Simon Le Bon.” Somehow I never truly grasped how many Taylors there have been in this group? Perhaps a multitude of Taylors should be called a duran. I also FOR SURE thought at least two of the Taylors were brothers, so this is educational as well as full of interesting hats.

I must inform you that sadly I have no photos of EITHER of John Taylor’s wedding, not his first to Amanda de Cadenet, which was an exclusive for Hello!, nor his second to Gela Nash (who co-founded Juicy Couture), which I assume was A Private Event; I also lack photos of Roger Taylor’s second wedding, to Gisella Bernales, which was an OK! exclusive (you can see scans of that here, though). Ideally, the rest of these photos — which, again, involve MANY HATS — will make up for that pain.

[Photos: Getty, Shutterstock]
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