Many people may know this duet from the more recent times Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson — from when Reba was Kelly’s stepmom-in-law — performed it together, but do not be fooled: It lived a long great life before those moments. Let us not erase Linda Davis from “Does He Love You?” just because Kelly is great. Linda, the original, cannot be replaced in my heart. Because Linda is in the video. And the video is MAJESTY.

It even starts with a wallop: Reba’s first outfit is a scream. And then we get dueling skyscraper updos! A fur stole! The all-too-obvious obvious panicking of their shared paramour, as the ladies publicly smile and unsubtly stink-eye each other! REBA’S WHITE HAT-VEIL CONFECTION! And the ending. That ending. THE BOAT. As far as I’m concerned, it ends with the boat, and not that tacked-on nonsense with Rob Reiner where they watch back the ending on-set as if to reassure the audience that it was all Hollywood trickery. But please drink in the glory of the rest of it. I treasure you, Reba. AND you, Linda.