I mean, I don’t know what you spent last month doing with yourself. Maybe you missed something! If you spent all of April spelunking or on a silent retreat with the nuns or cleaning out your coat closet, I’m here for you with a quick primer of our most-read posts.

Celebrities wore some truly dumb stuff to Coachella.

The erstwhile Kate Middleton wore a surprisingly delightful Marchesa to the London premiere of 42nd Street.

We celebrated Jennifer Garner’s birthday by putting on brightly colored wigs and kicking people’s asses. By which I mean, looking at her red carpet retrospective.

We also celebrated Wills’ and Kate’s wedding anniversary as we always do, by getting wasted on Pimm’s and crank-calling Kensington Palace. By which I mean, perusing a lot of pictures of them looking schmoopy.

We admired and critiqued the many costumes of the world championships of figure-skating, and also traded skating gossip.

The KardashiJenners are back and walking around in a variety of really bizarre clothes — or, I suppose, “klothes.”

Amal Clooney, on the other hand, is walking around in a lot of enviable coats.

I read that new Prince Charles biography and picked out the 22 juiciest bits for you.

It’s the Dior dress that will not die.

Speaking of clothing that I wish would go away, these clean jeans (!!!) at TopShop gave me a severe existential crisis.