Oh my god, I might love this. Is this what happiness feels like? I FORGOT. And, in other shocking news, it’s MARCHESA. (Specifically, Marchesa Notte, which is their less expensive [although, obviously, still pricy] arm.)  Would I have styled it slightly differently? Yes. BUT TAKE YOUR JOY WHERE IT LIVES.

PS: If you want those earrings, they’re Kate Spade and (as I type this), they’re still available at Nordstrom. I LOVE them.

PPS: By request! And also because I forgot! New deets have emerged about William’s Dorky Dad Dancing Scandale, in form of an exclusive for The Sun that explains that Kate was not home alone with the kids but in fact off at Pippa’s hen weekend and she and Wills shared a plane to the slopes. I have a lot of thoughts: (a) The Sun has been killing it in terms of royals scoops lately (in addition to this story, they also broke the news about Harry and Meghan); Emily Andrews must have been working her bum off to massage some sources and it is paying off, (b) I think the “sources” from this story are in fact from Team Wills and Kate (or at least are sympathetic to) because I totally think this leak was intentionally designed to contradict the Poor Kate Is Sad At Home; Is Their Marriage In Trouble? rumors, (c) it also makes me laugh that, regardless, the story is still not that complimentary to Prince Raise The Roof, and by nature involved Kate rolling her eyes at him. They did what they could! Those pics of him dancing awkwardly are still some of the funniest things I’ve seen all year.

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