We made it through another week! Sometimes, it feels like a miracle. And now, please enjoy the following:

– A woman in London painted her townhouse red-and-white striped and the results are amusing. Her neighbors were NOT pleased. [New York Times]

– At Lainey, it’s an Intern George update that I think you will appreciate.

– In preparation for the Met Gala — ON MONDAY! — Racked breaks it down: The Vast, Mysterious Empire of Comme des Garçons

– Also at Racked, also probably relevant to your interests:  The Outfits From ‘Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion’ Really Hold Up.

– At Teen Vogue, Molly Ringwald Opens Up About Her “Pretty in Pink” Prom Dress. She’s NOT A FAN.

– This is a very interesting essay at Catapult about an Anne fan’s pilgrimage to Prince Edward Island.

– At Town & Country: Inside the World’s Richest Rivalry: Doris Duke and Barbara Hutton

– This was a very interesting look at the rigorous fact-checking process at This American Life, via Transom

– Celebitchy asks Does Tom Hiddleston think Taylor Swift ‘cost him the role of James Bond’?

– At Revelist: There’s a Wonder Woman line of jewelry!!

–  Many of you will enjoy this, at Pajiba: ‘Och Aye’: Reading Scottish Romances as an Actual Scottish Person

– This is fascinating, at Longreads: Death Made Material: The Hair Jewelry of The Brontës

– Also at Lainey: A very interesting look at Johnny Depp’s current lawsuit with his former management group, which is mostly about the insane amount of money Johnny spends. Dude, I know you’re loaded, but did you never see Behind the Music?

– A Syrian refugee new to San Diego, and new to beaches, reportedly drowned on his first visit to one. There’s now an organization that wants to teach refugees to swim, and it sounds like a very worthy and practical cause. [NBC San Diego]

– There’s always something good at Vanity Fair. This time, it’s Celebrity Flings That Time Has Forgotten. I did forget many of these, it turns out.

– TO EAT: BUMBLEBERRY GALETTES WITH CORNMEAL CRUST. All caps required, no? At Camille Styles.