In case you missed anything. After all, June’s a busy month. Maybe life got in the way! (As ever, I filtered Fugs and Pieces and Royals Round-Up out of these Top Tens — for you methodology sticklers out there.)

Wills and Kate and George and Charlotte and everyone else came out for Trooping the Colour.

Wills and Kate popped out to Royal Ascot.

Bella Thorne Is Still a Thing

Jessica Chastain Gets Married!

Nicole Kidman Opts for Much Sun Protection at the French Open

We Wish We Saw Rihanna More Often

Kristen Wiig Is Growing Out Her Pixie (Piixie?)

Hey! It’s Your Most Boringly Useful Website (you really should bookmark this one)

Kate’s Very Cute Sailor Pants

Fug Nation Loves Quirky Flats! A Selection For Your Purchasing Interests.