A little Rihanna doesn’t quite go a long enough way for me. I miss when we used to see her more often. Look at that face. That face can sell almost insanity when she really turns it on, as she is here. This entire outfit would be my summer goals, if I were an entirely different person who could pull off lacy caftans and hats with bandannas and still bore a hole through your soul with the power of my eyes. Sometimes I joke that I’m going to get a tattoo that says DGAF because I’m OVER IT, and I think sometimes Rihanna’s aura is the human equivalent of DGAF in all the most successful ways.

And then other times, she wears things like this:

*EXCLUSIVE* Rihanna rocks all Denim as she dashes to dinner at Ferdi

And this makes me wonder if she is wearing raw denim that was being draped and pinned around her for a fitting, until she got an important text message that there was BOGO special happening at Bed Bath and Beyond and she bolted like a bat out of fabric hell.

[Photos: Backgrid]

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