You may have been, uh, distracted by current events? In case you missed anything…(and if you’ve been wondering if Fug Nation is interested in the British royals, the answer is yes):

  1. Kate goes to the Natural History Museum in CUTE SHOES.
  2. Queen Letizia and QEII wear GIANT TIARAS.
  3. Wills and Kate pop over to Wimbledon.
  4. Dior is SO MEAN to Jennifer Lawrence. WHAT EVEN IS THIS?
  5. Wills and Kate and George and Charlotte arrive in Poland.
  6. Kate sports a funky cocktail dress in Poland.
  7. Kate wears a red cocktail dress in Germany!
  8. MANY celebs came out for Valentino in wacky ensembles.
  9. Jeremy Renner gets handsy with Elizabeth Olsen on the red carpet.
  10. We looked at everything Xtina has ever worn and IT IS A LOT.