Okay, I have to say that while I may well be wrong, and we’re not really doing this sort of thing anymore, I must admit that I do really think she might be pregnant and I just can’t keep my mouth shut about it any longer. I AM ONLY HUMAN. I’ve had my suspicions since this moment – those facial expressions are telling, both of them — and we’ve seen A LOT of skirts that are forgiving or otherwise obfuscating her waist lately. If so, she’s certainly feeling well, which is a blessing — especially since she and Wills and the kids are off to Poland and Germany for a little week-long visit on Monday. And my feeling is always: Yay for babies! (If she’s just like, “eh, I’m just wearing something that’s more sandwiches-friendly now,” obviously YAY FOR THAT ALSO.)

On to more pertinent topics on which I can have a better informed opinion: OPEN TOED PURPLE PRADA SHOES! A cute Preen dress that gives this whole endeavor a Liesl in The Sound of Music aura! The awesome Natural History Museum! WHALES! And more, within.

Obviously, we’ve also got interesting bits from social media:

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