First of all, if you haven’t checked out our look back at Letizia’s finest fashion moments, please do — and not just because I was correct in my prediction that she would wear red tonight. Although I am proud of myself. And she looks AMAZING. Spectacular. Fantastic. This might be the best she’s ever looked. As for our gal Kate, well….my hope is that she burst into an amazing rendition of “Satisfied” at the afterparty, because her dress — it’s Marchesa — is like a full-on Hamilton costume, if someone had looked at Hamilton and said, “I feel like this needs MORE LACE.” Which, in fairness, seems like something Kate might do! Irritatingly, we don’t have a ton of pics of Kate, but we have a delightful lot of video and the Kate Watchers of Twitter (who are some of the most useful people in my life, sincerely) were on it, so we can kind of piece together what happened via screengrabs. If I get any good pics, I’ll update this post, never fear.


Many MANY women opted for white this evening:

I feel like Philip had to have been DELIGHTED to see his very dishy companion for the evening:

I like how ANNOYED Kate looks in many of these screengrabs. I’m sure this is just her Listening Face, but I appreciate how irked she seems to be stuck behind this giant-ass floral arrangement. But WOW, that’s a necklace. (On loan from the Queen; the tiara, obviously, was Diana’s, as were the earrings.)

Here, if you click into the tweet, you can scroll through the pics. There’s a decent shot of Kate behind them. It’s VERY Schuyler Sisters. Work! (You can also see Princess Anne, in white, looking v. dishy, really.)