In case you had other things on your mind! (In terms of methodology; I removed all Royals Round-Ups and Fug Madness games from my number-crunching.)

1) I was REALLY STEAMED about the announced changes for season two of The Crown.

2) Wills and Kate had some scandale this month and we all had to discuss at length.

3) Wills and Kate also went to Paris for the weekend and she wore an amazing Jenny Packham and also some other stuff.

4) Who does’t love The Best and Worst of the Oscars?

5) Revisit the best accessories of February!

6) Which designer won awards season? We hashed it out.

7) Loads of celebs went to Paris Fashion Week.

8) The British royals revealed a new war memorial.

9) Lots of women opted for the LBD at the Oscars

10) Ditto for metallics!