If you follow us on Twitter, you already saw my RAGE STORM about this news about Season Two of The Crown. In short:

The Crown’s creator, Peter Morgan, is keeping details about the forthcoming second series as protected as the crown jewels, but has revealed that “its soul is about Prince Phillip’s complexity.”… Speaking at the Royal Television Society’s “Deconstructing the Coronation” in London last night, the writer of the award-winning Netflix series explained: “He’s [Prince Philip] a strong flavor. I find him extraordinarily interesting—his childhood, again, you couldn’t make it up. The soul of season two is about his complexity.”

As I ranted on Twitter: Our recaps are already ALL CAPS PISSED about this and the season hasn’t even aired. THANK GOD THIS POOR MISUNDERSTOOD MAN CAN FINALLY GET ATTENTION! The entire first season of The Crown was ALREADY all about Philip’s Emasculated Man Feelings and insufficiently about female relationships. Are y’all for real? Are you…seriously choosing to focus on the so-called profound complexity of the rich, dissatisfied, straight dude instead of the lives of the women on a show that is literally about a Queen? Do you sincerely believe that the demographic that watched this show looked up from their iPads and mused, “you know what I wish The Crown had more of? This dude whinging! I cannot get enough of spoiled white men complaining about their privileged lives and then blaming their wives for all their problems!” And while I’ve got all this steam coming out of my ears: You know who I’m quite sure has lived a complex inner life? ELIZABETH II. You know. The lady on the stamps? And you know who else had a complex and interesting turn around the sun? MARGARET. You know what I bet had “a strong flavor”? The story of two women trying to navigate the fact that one of them has a lot of romantic problems and makes terrible self-destructive life choices, and the other is married to a real pain in the ass who apparently is just hiding a super complex soul, forcing her to baby his sad man-feelings while she’s actually kinda busy BEING THE QUEEN. But you know what Elizabeth and Margaret don’t have? A penis, which is apparently what passes for being compelling on a show that that has zero women writers and zero female directors.