Famous Mostly For Showing Up For Events Looking Chic Camilla Belle…showed up to an event looking chic. Hey, there is something to be said for delivering on a promise! Having said that, I have two notes: (a) Does this need a belt? and (b) I covet those shoes. Wait! Three notes: (c) I also covet that lipstick on her. We’ve talked about our favorite red lipsticks before, but this seems like a good time to discuss the world of bold pinks. I specifically want this one, but I┬áthink we can all use┬ásuggestions and recommendations in general for the Fun Non-Red Lip, if you’ve got ‘em. (My hair stylist keeps telling me that once I get too gray for my current brunette shade and we transition over to “Expensive Beige,” he wants me to do a coral lip. I might as well start easing into it, right?)