Lots of celebrities turned up in Paris for the shows, but Nicki Minaj stole most of the thunder. She out-Rihanna’d stuff that Rihanna has done, so thank God RiRi herself put that on the shelf and opted for something more classic. The third Instagram of the three will not be safe for work, so be careful how you scroll.

First, the best of them:

#NickiInPARIS #Balmain

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As Balmain goes, that’s fairly cute. As this series of photos goes, it’s totally sane and sensible, like a breeze scented with Deacon from Nashville.

The aura that surrounds her @aliciakeys love u, sis #NickiInPARIS #RickOwens

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I like to think Alicia Keys, while outwardly amused and very pleasant, is sitting there in her split sleeves and high-waisted pants and thinking, “Being Nicki looks EXHAUSTING.” Maybe that’s why she needs to wear a full tinted windshield.

And now for something completely naked:

Can you imagine having to keep a straight face at this during a fashion show? I mean, I assume most people didn’t bother; how could you. But I like to imagine every single editor or attendee immediately donning their giant sunglasses, Wintour-style, so they could eyeroll in relative privacy.

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