We saw her — in disguise, nearly — at the Dior runway presentation earlier today. But the Dior folks also threw a party in Paris this weekend and decided to make Jennifer Lawrence atone for her complete absence on the red carpet most of this year by wearing this. It. Is. A. Nightmare.

And, like many nightmares, it also conceals HIDDEN TERRORS. For example:

Christian Dior Celebrates 70 Years of Creation - Exhibition At Musee des Arts Decoratifs - Photocall


Dearest Jennifer:

I hope whatever Dior is paying you is worth it — I suspect it is — because you look miserable. You are a tremendously talented actress, and yet EVEN YOU cannot convince me that a fringed boob flap and droopy men’s underpants are on brand for you.

Real talk: I know I complain about this partnership ad nauseum but I truly think it is turning into legit bad PR for Team Lawrence. She’s not out and about often lately — I think because the part of her team that actually understands her career realized that she was getting a little overexposed — which means that when she does pop up, it needs to be orchestrated so that public reaction is, “ooh, I forgot how much I like her!” and not “oh my god what is she even wearing?” THIS MAKES NO SENSE. It’s ridiculous on her. It’s ridiculous, full-stop, and she HAS to know that. Which, to me, means that someone is talking her into this and if it’s her stylists, they’re doing her a disservice because they surely also know that something like this doesn’t meld with her personality at all. You don’t see Natalie Portman wearing these Diors and I suspect it’s because Team Portman’s reaction is, “uh, NICE TRY.” Jennifer Lawrence is a major A list movie star.  She is an Oscar winner. She is very, VERY famous. She is not the starlet who kinda needs the “wow, what is SHE wearing?” attention to get people to learn her name, and she’s also not the actress whose brand is in flux and who can try stuff out while she’s nailing down what she can and cannot sell. And she clearly isn’t a fashion girl who loves to take risks and thinks looks like this are fun and entertaining and easy-breezy. She is wearing this for money. And it shows.

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