Happy 4th of July weekend to our American readers! We’ll be posting on a relaxed schedule Monday and Tuesday, although we’ll have a few bits and pieces for you if you get bored, and back to normal on Wednesday, July 5th. Until then:

– Do you need new sunglasses? We’ve got you.

Esquire examines: What Makes A League of Their Own One of the Best Baseball Movies Ever Made. It really is a great movie. (And, not for nothing, one Halloween many moons ago, I went as one of the Bees — my roommate at the time worked for Sony, and they used to let you check out costumes from their costume department, which was a GREAT perk — and I have never NEVER had a more positive-yet-respectful response from dudes than I did in that costume.)

– You’re going to love this piece at the New York Times: Heard of the Jimmys? It’s the Tonys, for Teenagers

– You’re going to want to read Lainey’s take on the new Serena Williams Vanity Fair cover (which is spectacular [the cover, I mean]).

– Are you watching GLOW? I just started it, and so far I LOVE it. And this is exactly what I wanted to read: The Do-it-Yourself Style Charm of ‘GLOW.’  The costumes are AMAZING.

– You DO want to look at this slideshow of Crispin Glover’s Czech chateau, which used to be a Communist medical testing facility which makes totally sense. He’s restored a LOT of frescos. [Architectual Digest]

– Jezebel reports: In Sync We Trust: Pop Music’s History of Lip-Syncing (and Lying About It)

– Spin had an interesting report on the events at MTV News this week, wherein basically everyone on their writing staff was laid off as the site “pivots to video,” despite the fact that no one who is reading the internet at work while pretending to be actually working can watch a video and would honestly just rather skim the article in question.

– I think you’ll enjoy this, at Pajiba: There’s Been a Murder: Reading Scottish Crime Novels as an Actual Scottish Person

– I appreciated this post about FACE MISTS at Into the Gloss because I am obsessed with them even though I don’t know if they do anything.

– The piece at Racked is a lot more moving than you’d think, just from the headline: The Second Life of Clothing You Donate. It’s about, in part, homeless women in Los Angeles, and the power of clothing, and I’m so glad I read it.

– At the LA Times: In a temple that predates the pyramids, scientists find evidence of a mysterious ‘skull cult’. Right right. I feel like I’m in a skull cult right now, tbh.

– Vox wonders how the books editor of the New York Times decides what to read.

– Atlas Obscura wonders: Want to Transcribe Rare Magical Manuscripts on Your Lunch Break?

– Revelist reports: There’s a $10,000 bikini made out of actual pizza. HOW MUCH IS THAT PIZZA WORTH?!

– This is a really good piece from The New Yorker, one of those articles I started to read when I flipped through the magazine standing at my mailbox, and then ended up standing out there for fifteen minutes: My Dentist’s Murder trial.

– Per Celebitchy, Rihanna has a new boyfriend and he’s a Saudi billionaire. Good for you, RiRi! (Please note: I would also say, “good for you, RiRi!” if her new boyfriend were a penniless hottie, because goodness knows she doesn’t need some dude’s money. They look very happy together! I JUST WANT HER TO BE HAPPY.)

– Grubstreet examines: What It’s Really Like to Cook for New York’s Most Influential Restaurant Critics

– This may end badly for me: Amazon Introduces Prime For Clothes [Refinery29]