I hope you like hats!

In case you missed it earlier this week, Kate wore maybe my favorite day dress of hers ever yesterday.  Also, Wimbledon starts Monday — YAY! — and Kate will attend, as she’s now patron of that event, so pop by next week, as I’m going to cover that.  Additionally, Harry and William and Kate (and the kids) are going to be attending a private re-dedication of Diana’s grave on Saturday at Althorp, but that’s a private event and I doubt there will be photos, as no press is permitted. (Saturday is Diana’s birthday.) I do wonder if Meghan is going? She is in London at the moment. That would be significant. (I mean, I’m quite certain they’re going to be engaged eventually if they’re not secretly so already, but you know what I mean.)

Elsewhere on the Internet:

– I noted this on Twitter earlier this week, but E! has clearly invested a bunch of time and money into improving their royals sources, and it’s paying off. I don’t know who they hired, but they absolutely have someone new on the beat and that person knows what they are doing, because E! is getting an unusual number of scoops and more of them have paid off than you would suspect. This week, they had dish on Wills and Kate going to the new parent orientation for George’s new school.

– The Sun had a VERY logistics-heavy piece about the Royal Box at Wimbledon. We love logistics!

– I enjoyed this, at The Telegraph: Remembering Princess Diana’s style by Anna Harvey, the woman behind her wardrobe.

– Per The Mirror: Kate reveals her mum has a crush on Roger Federer in tell-all tennis documentary. SURE, Kate. SURE, it’s “your mum.” I think we all know the truth!

–You’ll enjoy this, at People: The World’s Most Royally Romantic Tree is Now Open to Visitors

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Definitely click through and read these stories, but also I’m sharing this tweet below because I love the first dress:


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