I have to give it to this dress: It’s fun… when someone has fun with it. Ellie, fortunately, flipped up that cape and twirled in it so as to give it some life, but when she stood still…

Stars attend the Serpentine Galleries Summer Party

… it’s fine, but suddenly I’m staring at that giant ruched cummerbund, and it’s like she’s wearing a robe and matching jammies rather than a saucy cape.

I can’t even talk about the shoes. They are unspeakable. They look like they’re made fromĀ cheap plastic cordsĀ — if they didn’t chafe at every single point they crossed her leg, I would be astonished — and I assume Karl designed them after falling asleep during Gladiator and having a fever dream about it taking place during Woodstock. They are totally undercutting this dress’s sense of fun, rather than enhancing it, and… wow, okay, it turns out I can talk about them, even though a simple WORDS probably would’ve sufficed.