On Zendaya, or Cate Blanchett — two of the most powerful sartorial sorceresses we have — this suit would be, I think, solidly great. But as great as Demi’s head looks, something about it isn’t quite gelling for me here. It might be that the peek of bra is creating the illusion that the jacket is too big, rather than it being stylishly intentional; or maybe it’s that the jacket hangs too long, and that a slightly shorter one and NO visible bra would look better. It might be that I’m not into bellbottoms, or that the shoes seem cacophonously random with it. Or, while I’m willing to hang with a flowery suit in general, it’s possible that I’m not tremendously into this particular floral. I can’t put my finger on why I’m questioning it. On this fine Friday, please guide me through this quandary. Be gentle. Bring snacks.

[Photo: Getty]