This post comes from a WHOLLY SELFISH PLACE and it’s that I wanted to spend a couple of hours looking at flats. I love my heels passionately, but I also fell off a curb and really screwed up my foot a couple of years ago (I was not wearing heels at the time, for what it’s worth) and it’s never been quite the same, so I need to mix up my footwear more than I used to. For example, I’m doing a lot of the Gold Metallic Fashion Birkenstock (which are really hard to find at the moment, although Asos has the silver ones. I got mine at J Crew the INSTANT they appeared). I also just got these super cute M Gemi slip-ons, which are REALLY COMFORTABLE. (Obviously, since I haven’t worn all the shoes in the below selection, it’s hard for me to say which of them are comfy right off the bat, which need some wearing in, and which will eat up your feet — so please weigh in if you DO know.) The truth is, there are so many cute and quirky and interesting flats floating around that we could basically all wear them all the time and always have interesting feet. TREAT YOURSELF.

[If there’s a big white space below this sentence and you can’t see the shoes, try refreshing your browser; they should pop right up. Use that little arrow on the right of the item to zip through them all; click on the photo to go to the product page. You know how this works!]

Yeah, it turns out I am really invested in everyone having some cute metallic flats. Metallics are neutrals, you guys! I mean, maybe not the ones with the unicorns on them, but still.

As a general housekeeping note: This is not a sponsored post, and we were not paid to include any of these items. Our shoe allegiances are ours alone. Like most websites, GFY uses affiliate links where available, but that only means we get a tiny bonus if you click through and buy something. I can assure you that all quirky flats were personally chosen by me while I sat around drinking boxed wine and watching the new season of The Bachelorette.