First, my apologies for how late this post is. We’re having a temporary hiccup with our image providers and I thought I’d be able to get pictures for this post as I usually do blah blah blah I had unforeseen issues and needed to take screengrabs instead of using our usual sources. But here we are, at last! As ever, if you’re wondering where the Americans are in all of this, I covered them during the US Championships  — but also I generally only write about the skaters who placed, and the only Americans who did so were the Ice Dancing Shibs, although the US did well enough to nab three slots at the upcoming Olympics in all of the disciplines except pairs. Let’s buckle down and get on the podium next time, Team USA! On the other hand, Canada did VERY well — silver and bronze in the ladies department (the first time Canada’s ever had two women on the World’s podium), and a well-deserved gold in the ice dancing — so our Canadian readers will have much to celebrate! As ever, I welcome your skating insights and gossip.